Just the way you are!

Glittering eyes lined by dark circles, Sparkling skin kissed by wrinkles, Perpetual smile wide across the face, brave endeavors, charm and grace, I couldn’t bear to see, such embellishment gloom in the dark, Oh Love…. Don’t bother hiding your scar, You are beautiful, Just the way you are! You don’t have to hide away from […]

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Into the boots of a loner.

Laughter, emotion, Love, I can see them all. But I still can’t figure out, why my interest stays so small. Though you people were around me you were nothing less than stone. it really wasn’t your fault, I’m just accustomed to stay alone. Give me love, give me hatred, still I can’t figure which one’s […]

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Letting go.

Frequent flashes of moments spent together slid all over my mind I incessantly hoped this never happened only to regret that you are one of a kind.   Over the sea rocks we sat holding hands right under the moon shuddering waves too silenced owing to you those were the times I eagerly wanted time […]

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The Doomsday.

  the days you have spent training the nights you have spent bewildering all those you-can’t-do-it comments flashing upon you, right before you sleep.   when your deepest cries are heard only in your shower, Or when you are all alone, resting by the bower. but that’s what keeps you going that’s what makes you […]

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Where Poverty meets Pain…….

The water in my bottle wasn’t as clean as yours, The clothes i wore wasn’t as neat as yours. The people around me aren’t as social as you are. I see more than a thousand people a day, clean the garbage you spill, knowingly. work in all lowly jobs that you require, but still get […]

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The Father Diaries…..

The small little fingers, which completely fit within my palm, Embraces me, with love and innocent-ness. Pureness is what I see in her, with eyes just like her mother, glowing with all the grace of the universe.   Even the tiniest bit of cereal embedded on her face, after a meal, looked so beautiful for […]

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I hope you came back….

I was on this side of the shore, you were on the other side. what ran between was a river of regretfulness, that never met the ocean of oppurtunities. The river never knew that it had been seperating us all along, but we did. We never tried to go to the place we belong. the […]

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